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  • How to get out of this horrible cycle, finally get the body that you want and get your confidence back.
  •  Why your awareness is the key to knowing your triggers.
  •  The exact method I used to overcome emotional eating myself
  •  My step by step A.R.C.H method that will show you exactly the steps to take to get back the control.
My name is Sarah Sunderland and I'm the founder of the Fierce Babes program designed to help women get the body that they want and gain confidence without restriction, fad diets and endless amounts of exercise. We focus intensely on the mindset that holds most women back with mindless and emotional eating being one of the hot topics.

You see I haven't always been healthy and in control myself. I went through a period of time where I to was out of control with my eating habits. Not a day would go by without me eating chocolate or Tim Tams.

I felt crap, I looked like crap and I was stuck in this horrible cycle that I just did not know how to get myself out of. It was also really effecting my self esteem. I'd beat myself up about my lack of self control constantly.

These days I very rarely will mindlessly eat or eat for emotional reasons. I'm aware of myself and I'm in control. You can make this change too, just like I did.

So if you've been looking for a way to get out of the horrible cycle you are in, you're in luck!

Amy lost -50cms and was able to overcome mindless eating.
Julie lost -20cms from her belly by stopping the emotional eating.
Alicia lost -23cms by learning how to eat in a way that stopped her from craving sugar
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